5 Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer

Man grilling food outside

Summer is fast approaching us! With temperatures rising, grilling outside is a great way to entertain the entire family and enjoy some delicious foods. The outdoors is great for entertainment and makes cooking easier. The griller won’t miss out on the fun! The options for grilling are endless, and even the pickiest of eaters have options to enjoy. From chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetables and even fruits, you can’t go wrong with any choice. The following 5 recipes are rich, savory options that are the perfect companion to those sunny days.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper Dogs

Hot dogs make great meals during those hot days! Grilled hot dogs are quick and easy, you simply pop them on the grill for a few minutes and then enjoy. The following recipe takes the ordinary hot dog and spices things up with a punch of flavor. Combining ingredients like jalapeño peppers, cream cheese, garlic and sharp cheddar cheese balance this dish perfectly.  

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Lemon & Herb Chicken Kebabs

Chicken is a great poultry choice for cooking outdoors. Kebabs make it an easier choice as the chicken will be cut into smaller pieces and will cook thoroughly in just about 6-8 minutes per side. This recipe would work well as a starter or a simple, quick meal! Toppings can vary from adding vegetables or fruits to create a unique combination.

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Grilled Shrimp and Romaine

Here’s a tasty recipe that is full of crunch and flavor. This grilled shrimp recipe is the perfect salad alternative that is smoky, tangy and refreshing! You can have dinner ready in as little as 25 minutes, plus shrimp are low in calories, protein-rich and mouthwatering. Enjoy this recipe with family as a starter or make it a meal.

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Chile-Marinated Skirt Steak (Carne Asada en Adobo de Guajillo)

Feeling inspired to create your own fiesta at home? Here’s a Mexican-Inspired steak recipe that is marinated to perfection. You’ll want to prepare this recipe the night before or at least 2 hours before it hits the grill. We promise you that this carne asada is worth the wait! This recipe is juicy, packed with heat and is sure to be a family favorite.

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Grilled Summer Vegetables with Shallot-Herb Vinaigrette

Don’t like eating your vegetables raw? Grilling your vegetables is the next best thing! The recipe below is a great way to dress up your vegetables and give them an extra crispy taste. Don’t worry, they will still retain many of its nutrients even though they will get exposed to high heat. This recipe works great as a side dish or could even be a delicious, colorful snack!

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Being able to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family makes summertime memorable. Meals play an important role in entertainment and all five recipes won’t disappoint! Now, it’s time to fire up the grill!