Introducing The New Butter Burger: The Juiciest Burger Patty Yet

Three Delicious Prepared Butter Burgers

A Mid-West classic is coming to the Stater Bros. Market’s Meat Department! Meet our juiciest burger patty yet, The Butter Burger.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is a Butter Burger?

A Butter Burger is a Wisconsin-area specialty with an estimated creation date back to 1936, coincidentally the same year Stater Bros. was founded. Essentially, it’s a hamburger that’s seared with butter on top of the hamburger patty or buns which gives the burger a unique flavor. We’re bringing the Midwestern classic back home to Southern California with a twist.

So, what makes ours different?

Our masterpiece is a gourmet, chef-inspired patty; it’s keto friendly, gluten-free, and infused with real butter. Yes, that’s right! We infused real butter inside, not on top. The infused butter gives our patty a unique flavor and juiciness that is unmatched! This gourmet patty is specialized for year-round cooking indoors on a stove-top or skillet, which gives the burger a nice sear, keeping it juicy throughout.

We only use local, 100% angus beef from Harris Ranch. This 1/2 lb. patty is always fresh and never frozen, so it’s sure to delight your taste buds. In-house meat cutters hand mix and press the ground angus beef daily to ensure quality and freshness. Not only is our beef local, the seasoning is local as well. Our in-house development team has partnered with Amazing Taste Foods Inc. to innovate a seasoning blend that’s unique to Stater Bros. Markets only. The seasoning only uses six simple ingredients and it truly compliments the Butter Burger’s unique flavor.

To experience our Butter Burger at it’s best, we recommend using brioche buns with Stater Bros. Fry Sauce. Make preparing your burger toppings easier by picking up a ready to go burger toppings kit in your store’s nearest Fresh Cut department. They include romaine lettuce, tomato and onion, prepared for burgers.

The Butter Burger is available at the Stater Bros. Markets meat counter starting on January 19, 2022.