Part-Time Corporate Uniform Security Officer

Job Summary:

Maintain security of company premises, property, and personnel.

Fundamental Job Tasks:

  • Monitor and control vehicles, vendors, visitors and employees on company premises
  • Conduct investigations of crimes against the company
  • Control subjects detained for investigation
  • Write reports relating to investigations
  • Coordinate information to law enforcement and prosecuting agencies
  • Provide testimony and present evidence at criminal and civil trials
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Knowledge of criminal laws – security; responsibility and procedures
  • Exercise good judgment in the apprehension, detention, and/or arrest of suspects
  • Must maintain a sense of integrity
  • Good communication skills both; oral and written
  • High school diploma or equivalent

License/Certification Requirements:

  • PC832 Certificate – required
  • First Aid Certificate – required
  • CPR Certificate – required
  • Valid California Drivers License with good driving record – required

Application Procedures

To apply for this position please submit your application using our online job portal.