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Oceanside Pole Tomatoes Oceanside Pole Tomatoes

Why Oceanside Pole™ Tomatoes?

Sponsored by Oceanside PoleTM | Written by Jenny Favela


The last remaining pole tomato producer in California-- Oceanside PoleTM, has been growing vine-ripened tomatoes since 1939, located between the rolling hills of San Luis in Oceanside, California. If you're not familiar with Oceanside, the air is fresh and salty, the sunshine bright and warm nurturing the tomatoes grown on the land.

Pole tomatoes are described this way because of the technique used to grow the tomatoes. Oceanside Pole™ places over a million poles on the property each spring, this system raises the fruit off the ground to improve airflow-- and therefore tomato quality-- which helps ripen to their juice, robust taste, naturally on the vine.

pole tomatoes - tomatoes on the vine

A passion for growing-- the Singh family has tended vine ripened tomatoes on the same land for more than 75 years. With the knowledge and expertise that can only come with time, their passion, innovation and stewardship of the land is unmistakable in the juicy, flavorful tomatoes they grow, year after year.

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