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Coupons FAQ

Coupons FAQ

Using Digital Coupons

What are digital coupons?

Digital Coupons: These are electronic coupons which are saved to the Digital ID that you created. To use digital coupons you must enter your Digital ID number on the pin pad at the register, and your savings are automatically applied to your purchases.

How do I redeem digital coupons?

The next time you shop at one of our neighborhood Stater Bros. Markets locations, your coupons will be waiting for you. Simply enter your Digital ID on the pin pad at check out and watch the discounts apply to your purchases.

Do I have to register an account in order to select coupon offers?

If you would like to use digital coupon offers, you'll have to establish an account with Once you have successfully signed in, you can clip as many of the digital coupons as you need. Digital coupons will be available to apply at the register by entering your Digital ID on the pin pad.

Can I use both a digital coupon and a manufacturer paper coupon for the same item?

You will not be able to redeem a digital coupon and a manufacturer paper coupon offer on the same item as per manufacturer guidelines. Please see the Stater Bros. Markets Coupon Policy for more information.

How will I know if my digital coupons were deducted from my purchases?

At the register, you will be able to view the savings happen on the register screen and when the transaction is complete, the savings will be displayed on your receipt.

Can digital coupons be used more than once?

Digital coupons can only be redeemed up to the limit noted for the specified item.


Digital ID

Where do I get a Digital ID?

You can create your Digital ID by clicking on "Sign Up" at the top right corner of the page and providing a few pieces of information.

I forgot my Digital ID. How do I find my number?

Your Digital ID is displayed at the top right of the page when you are signed in.

I want to change my Digital ID . How do I change it?

Your Digital ID is a unique number that cannot be changed. You can delete your account, setup a new account with a new Digital ID, and use your same email address.

Registration and Login

I've already registered for an online account on How do I access my account?

Click the Sign In link at the top right of the page. You will be able to sign in with either your email address or Digital ID.

Clipping Errors

Why do I get an error saying "Sorry, 'Coupon Name' no longer available" when I clip?

We do our best to ensure that our customers are not shown offers that are not valid. However, many of the coupons we make available through Digital Deals have strict limits set by the manufacturer as to the total number of offers.

Why do I get an error saying "Unable to execute clip on 'Coupon Name'. Please try again." when I clip?

While our engineers work tirelessly to ensure a seemless experience, sometimes there are server and network issues that prevent a clip from executing. Please try the clip again. If you see this message multiple times during a session please use the Contact Us link below to request assistance from our support team.

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