Hatch Chiles Are Back!

The vibrant green Hatch Chile pepper is in season and it’s available now at Stater Bros. Markets for a limited time!

Hatch Chile Roasting

Hatch Chiles are a unique variety of peppers grown in the Hatch Valley Region of New Mexico. With their short but thrilling season, from early August to late September, these peppers add a vibrant kick to any recipe.

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Unlock the essence of culinary delight during the revered Hatch Chile Season. Emerging solely from New Mexico’s Hatch Valley Region, these peppers, available from early August to late September, impart a dynamic zest that elevates every recipe.

Hatch Chile Recipes

Discover the versatility of Hatch Chiles in a wide array of delectable recipes. From birria sandwiches to savory dips and everything in between, there’s a Hatch Chile creation for every palate.