Airborne® Gummies – Stop Sale 63-Count Bottles Due to Potential Injury Hazard Involving a Certain Type of Bottle Cap

Reckitt is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on a product packaging safety matter involving 36 lots of our Airborne(R) Gummies in 63-count bottles that were shipped to customers from May 2020 to February 1, 2022.

In a small number of instances, the affected bottle cap can cause pressure build up to occur in the bottle below the bottle cap and underlying seal. Upon initial opening, this pressure build up could cause the bottle cap and underlying seal to pop off with force, which could result in a potential injury hazard to the user. The Gummy product inside the bottle is unaffected by such pressure build up and remains safe to consume as directed on the label. The pressure build up is no longer considered a safety issue once the seal has been broken and the pressure released.

Details of the 63-count Airborne Gummies subject to this Stop Sale notification:

47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC1270G11/30/2021
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC1400A11/30/2021
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC1400B11/30/2021
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC1900H3/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC2180C4/30/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC2320A4/30/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3080A7/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3300A7/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3300B7/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3080E7/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3440B8/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3440C8/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3440J8/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC3440K8/31/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC0301H9/30/2022
47865-96299AIRBN,US,GUM ASSFR 12/63CTAC0301A9/30/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC1350B1/31/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC1690B2/28/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC1690D2/28/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC2030A3/31/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC1690C2/28/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC2570A5/31/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC3140D6/30/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC2850D6/30/2022
47865-96339AIRBN,US,GUM ORNG 12/63CTAC2850E6/30/2022
47865-99557AIRBN,US,GMY KIDS 12/63CTAC1620B12/31/2021
47865-99557AIRBN,US,GMY KIDS 12/63CTAC1330D11/30/2021
47865-99557AIRBN,US,GMY KIDS 12/63CTAC1620A12/31/2021
47865-99557AIRBN,US,GMY KIDS 12/63CTAC1790C2/28/2022
47865-99557AIRBN,US,GMY KIDS 12/63CTAC0661B11/30/2022
47865-99557AIRBN,US,GMY KIDS 12/63CTAC0661C11/30/2022
47865-99601AIRBN,US,ABR BPOM 12/63CTAC1041A12/31/2022

This Stop Sale does not affect any other 63-count Airborne Gummies lot codes.

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