Stater Bros. Markets to Hold 1st “Local Fare” Forum To Showcase California Suppliers

Stater Bros Markets Press Release

San Bernardino, California (July 26, 2021) – Stater Bros. Markets has created a “Local Fare” forum to offer greater opportunities for local brands to connect with new customers and gain the attention of a regional retailer, which can be challenging for smaller, local brands. The Local Fare will take place July 26 through August 6 on the online product discovery and sourcing platform RangeMe.

“Nurturing local families and communities — including local businesses — is at the heart of what we do,” says Dennis McIntyre, Executive Vice President & CMO. “This initiative provides companies in our communities a larger retail footprint while our customers gain access to an expanded variety of healthy, high-quality, and innovative products. It’s a win-win for local brands and our shoppers,” McIntyre further stated.

Stater Bros. Category Managers are seeking the area’s very best offerings in all categories, including a focus on attributes especially important to their shoppers:  Organic, non-GMO, Plant-based, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Keto.

Supplier submissions through RangeMe will be reviewed and chosen by the Stater Bros. Category Management team.  Items chosen will be given placement free of charge. The store locations selected will carefully consider factors such as providing the most relevant product assortment for each store’s local communities. Suppliers not selected will still be accessible via RangeMe and may be reviewed by Stater Bros. Category Managers again in the future as business needs evolve.

At Stater Bros. Markets, items that are part of our local program are grown, harvested, or manufactured exclusively in California. Buying local contributes to our local and state economy, reduces our carbon footprint, and provides healthy, high quality innovative items to delights our customers.

We welcome local suppliers interested in working with Stater Bros. Markets to submit your company information at:

About Stater Bros. Markets

Stater Bros. was founded in 1936 in Yucaipa, California, and has grown steadily through the years to become the largest privately owned Supermarket Chain in Southern California and the largest private employer in both San Bernardino County and Riverside County. The Company currently operates 170 Supermarkets, and there are approximately 18,000 team members. Since 2008, Stater Bros. and Stater Bros. Charities have contributed more than $80 million in food and funds to local Southern California communities. For more information, visit

About RangeMe

RangeMe, an ECRM company, is the leading online platform that streamlines new product discovery between suppliers and retailers. The platform empowers retail buyers to efficiently discover innovative and emerging products, while streamlining the inbound product submission process. For product suppliers, RangeMe enables them to grow their retail relationships with a platform that gives them the tools to manage their products, market their brand, and build awareness. Now integrated into the ECRM product offering, RangeMe adds increased breadth and depth to the industry’s most complete sourcing solution for top retailers and product suppliers in the US.


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