5 Easter Crafts To Do With Kids!

Easter Crafts To Do With Kids, Easter Egg Decorating, Baking, Etc

Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to celebrate with food, festivities, and fun! For many families, Easter is also a great opportunity to get everyone involved with themed arts and crafts. Below, we have compiled a list of five easy DIY Easter crafts to try that your kids will absolutely love!

Easter egg decorating

Egg decorating is always a classic Easter activity! When it comes to decorating, you can be as simple or creative as you want. Buy a dozen eggs, hard boil them, set out the dye and other decorating materials, and get to decorating! You and your kids will have so much fun designing—and eating—your colorful Easter eggs!

Crushed eggshell art

Put those leftover dyed Easter eggshells to good use! Crush up all of the eggshells, and make designs on different pieces of paper. First, outline your design with Elmer’s glue, and then cover it up with crushed eggshells. You can also add some glitter for extra oomph. This artwork can be used as cards, framed, or as gifts to various friends and family.

Dip delicious strawberry treats

Your kids will probably have a lot of extra candy lying around as treasures from their Easter egg hunt. Take advantage of all of the leftover chocolate and marshmallows, and repurpose them by making delectable dipped strawberries! Simply melt the chocolate and marshmallows in the microwave, dip the strawberries in one or both ingredients, and let them cool.

Mandarin orange Easter bunnies

Easter eggs not your thing? Try Mandarin orange Easter bunnies for a cute sweet and sour treat! Use oranges or clementines as the base for the bunny’s face. Then, set out an assortment of googly eyes, paper for ears, and markers to decorate, and your kids are ready to have some orange-themed fun!

Build a castle for your marshmallow Peeps!

Keep your kids busy building a home for their Peeps! Like a gingerbread house, this easy no-bake recipe requires graham crackers or wafer cookies, frosting, jellybeans, and sprinkles. Then, of course, when their castle is complete, your kids can enjoy a sweet snack. Easter is the perfect time for arts and crafts with the whole family! These ideas will help you celebrate and get your kids involved. If your creations inspire you, tag us on any social channel and share what your family has crafted. Happy Easter!