5 Ways Stater Bros. Markets Makes Dinner Easy

5 Ways Stater Bros. Markets Makes Dinner Easy

Southern Californians have a secret spot for great, fresh food at a low cost: Stater Bros. Markets. But most people don’t realize all the different ways that we can help make cooking a breeze. With tons of great pre-packaged options and friendly, knowledgeable associates in the store to help, you’ll never have to worry about pulling off a great dinner again.

1. Party Trays and Catering Platters

At the service deli, you can always grab a tasty ready-to-go sandwich or custom-build your own creation. But did you know that Stater Bros. Markets also offers catering platters? The friendly staff at the service deli can whip up an epic charcuterie board or a great vegetable and dip tray. You can order pastry platters, dessert trays, huge party subs, incredible Mexican feasts and more. Even if you just need dinner for the family, let Stater Bros. Markets do the work. No order is too small and any request can be easily accommodated. The best part is that you can see everything we have to offer right here on our website. There you’ll find a helpful guide that shows all the options we have available as well an order form you can print out and take to the store.

2. Fresh Cut Fruit Bar

Each day of the week, Stater Bros. Markets has expertly-trained staff cutting fresh fruit and vegetables. From melon to kiwi, you can pick up fruit for a tasty snack, or save time prepping your next dinner. Pick up some pineapple for al pastor tacos, or strawberries for a nice goat cheese salad with walnut vinaigrette. There’s even fresh-made guacamole and salsa!

3. Fujisan Sushi

The expert chefs at the Fujisan Sushi bar (available at most locations) know their way around a tuna roll.  Each chef is classically trained and can create anything your heart desires. If you’re in a hurry, try picking up one of the great pre-packaged choices that are made fresh every day. Curious about trying to make sushi yourself? You can request portions of sushi-grade fish, rice and seaweed and turn a regular dinner at home into an exotic Japanese date night.

4.  Cleo and Leo Fried Chicken

The delicious, fresh and never frozen fried chicken at Stater Bros. Markets is definitely something to write home about. The perfectly crisp and juicy chicken is always hot and ready to eat. With a few other ingredients, you can quickly have an incredible Southern feast on the dinner table in no time. Try pairing your chicken with some mashed potatoes and gravy, or braised greens and macaroni and cheese. Fried chicken can also be great cold at a picnic or on a sandwich. You can even try chopping it up and adding it to a salad!

5. Meat and Seafood Counter

The meat and seafood counter is one of the many offerings that sets us apart from other grocers. Not only are our Certified Meat Cutters very knowledgeable about all types of meat and seafood, they can also cut or marinate anything you have a craving for. Whether you’re in a creative rut or just need a tasty dinner shortcut, try one of the dozens of prepped options such as asparagus and fontina stuffed chicken breast or Korean marinated short ribs. New options pop up frequently, so always remember to stop by the meat counter on every visit.


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