7 Tips: How to Pick a Watermelon

Watermelon with cut pieces

Watermelon season has arrived! There is no better time to pick up your favorite fruit than right now at your local Stater Bros. Markets. Picking watermelons at the grocery store doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. Here are 7 essential tips to help you pick a perfect watermelon that’s juicy, sweet, and ripe. 

Tip #1 Look for Field Spot

This first tip is the most important tip in choosing a watermelon. The field spot on a watermelon lies in the area where the watermelon rested. This big spot indicates if the watermelon was on the vine for a shorter or longer amount of time. The brighter the spot, the longer it was on the vine. The field spot can vary in colors from white to orange-yellow. The brighter the spot, the sweeter the watermelon will be. Try choosing a watermelon that has a field spot that is orange-yellow and avoid any with white spots.

Tip #2 Look for Webbing

Dark brownish weblike spots are great indicators the watermelon will be sweet. These webbing spots are areas that bees touched. The more pollination on a watermelon indicates a sweeter melon.

Tip #3 Inspect the Stem

Inspect the stem or it’s surrounding area to see if the watermelon was picked too soon. A green stem or surrounding area will mean that the melon was picked before it ripened. A dried brownish stem or surrounding area means that the melon ripened on the vine and will be a sweeter choice.

Tip #4 Tap the Watermelon

Although tapping a watermelon may seem strange, it’s a great way to test if it’s ripe. You will want to hear a deep hollow sound. This means it will have a great amount of water content and will be juicy! Don’t be shy, and make sure you give it a quick knock.

Tip #5 Size & Shape

When picking your next watermelon, don’t go for the biggest watermelon you find. You may be tempted to choose a bigger option, instead choose one that’s average size. It shouldn’t be too big but also don’t go for the smallest choice either. Pick one that’s right in the middle. Also, the rounder the watermelon the better! Try choosing one that’s round and avoid any that have a strange shape.

Tip #6 Heavy for its Size

Try picking a melon that feels like its heavy for it’s size. The heavier the melon indicates that it contains more water inside. This tip can be used for most produce.

Tip #7 Shiny vs. Dull

Picking up a melon that’s shiny may be tempting. However, try avoiding a shiny appearance as it indicates its under ripened. Instead, look for a dull looking melon that’s bright green with a creamy yellow color.

The next time you’re shopping for a watermelon, don’t forget to use these 7 tips. They will help you choose a watermelon that’s sweet and juicy!