Best Affordable Wines to Give as Gifts

A friend giving a warm congratulatory hug and gifting a bottle of wine.

When you know someone who can pick the right wine to bring to a gathering or knows how to pair wine and protein, it can be intimidating to give them wine as a gift. Here are a few budget-friendly bottles sure to earn the appreciation of any wine aficionado.

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio

If your wine-loving friends fall staunchly in the ABC category (anything but Chardonnay), you might have trouble choosing a good summer white. This is where pinot grigio comes to the rescue, with crisp, refreshing, lightly fruity notes.

Ecco Domani offers up a classic pinot grigio for just ten bucks. It’s citrusy, floral, and everything that this pale white wine should be. While some pinot grigios can be heavy on the fruit, this one, which is stored in stainless steel tanks, maintains the pure, clean flavor of the grape. It goes great with summer dishes ranging from pasta and salad to street tacos.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling

At under $10 a bottle, this fruity white takes the cake for outstanding drinkability at an incredible price point.

A light, sweet white, Riesling is a great choice for a mixed crowd (wine lovers and newbies alike), and it pairs beautifully with everything from charcuterie boards to a range of chicken and fish recipes.

Bring it to your next Thanksgiving dinner for a mouthwatering complement to turkey, sides, and even granny’s apple pie.

Josh Cellars Rosé

You might be understandably skeptical about a label that was originally sold from the back of a truck. But since it launched in 2005, this vineyard has gained acclaim for refreshingly palatable wines at outstanding prices. If you’re looking for cheap gifts for wine drinkers, Josh Cellars is a great choice.

A fruity rosé is a sweet hostess gift for a bridal shower or summer soiree, and at less than $15, this bottle offers up juicy flavors of peach, strawberry, and nectarine. It’s perfect for pairing with snacks like cheese and crackers or dishes like seafood and grilled veggies.

Apothic Red Blend

Apothic is known for full-bodied reds, but if you’re looking for something to please every palate, their Red Blend – featuring fruity zinfandel, dry merlot, earthy Syrah, and spicy cabernet – has something for everyone.

Masterfully blended, this table red goes with literally everything, from carne asada and bacon-wrapped hot dogs to spaghetti with marinara. For under $10, it’s a steal.

Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon

The price point for this bottle is a little higher (close to $20), but there’s a reason to consider the Decoy label for a gift or a special occasion. It’s the supporting (and less expensive) second-label wine from Napa Valley notable Duckhorn. For comparison, a bottle of Duckhorn cabernet will cost you about double.

With Decoy, you’ll get a cabernet made at the same vineyards, with grapes from the estate, as well as a cultivated selection from top independent growers. The result is a bottle that costs twenty bucks, but tastes like a lot more, with luscious blackberry and dark chocolate notes that linger on the palate.

When you choose Decoy wines, you not only get relatively cheap gifts for wine drinkers, but you’re sure to impress anyone in the know.

With so many whites, reds, and rosés to choose from, picking the right budget-friendly bottle can be difficult. The task is made much easier with the outstanding selection at Stater Bros. Markets, where every bottle is a winner.