Date Night Planning: Plan Recurring Dates at Home

Couple Preparing for At Home Date Night With Food and Wine

Being romantic doesn’t stop after Valentine’s Day, plan recurring at home dates to keep the love strong. Romance isn’t all about going to a nice or expensive outing, it’s the connection and compassion between two lovers that matters. Effort goes a long way in relationships and taking the extra steps to do something nice for your significant other can really help keep that relationship spark going. A romantic dinner can be done at home, you just have to make it feel extra special, follow this date night planning at home checklist to help keep the romance alive!

Set The Mood

Just because you’re planning a date night at home, doesn’t mean you can’t make your dinner setup look nice. First, put a nice table cloth on your dining table; then align dishes and silverware like a fancy restaurant would. Go to our nearest floral department and pick out a nice bunch of roses, then spread some rose petals on the table and put the rest of the flowers in a nice vase in the middle. While you are picking out your roses, don’t forget to grab your significant other’s favorite wine!

Dress Nice!

Dress to impress even though you’re staying home, this will make it feel more special for both you and your significant other. You want this to feel like a restaurant quality dinner, so you should dress accordingly. If possible, have someone act as a waiter and chef for you and have them dress up too. It’s about making it fun and special for you and your significant other, so go all out!

Pick Up High Quality Ingredients for Dinner

The fancy setup is complete, now you need to prepare restaurant quality food for the evening. Head over to our meat department and pickup one of our premium cuts of steak. We carry exceptional cuts like Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, T-Bone and Rib-Eye. Our meat cutters will even pre-season it for you, just ask them! They pair really well with a nice bottle from our red wine section. If cooking isn’t your thing or you can’t find someone to be your chef, there’s plenty of high quality fresh items that can be picked up. A golden brown rotisserie chicken or a fresh salad make perfect meals to have for date night.

After Dinner

When dinner’s finished, do a bit of clean up, but don’t stress yourself too much. Relax with your significant other by watching a new or favorite movie together. Don’t forget to pour some more wine from earlier. Then you have to prepare the movie snacks such as popcorn, candy, chips or even a nice dessert to end the night. This at home date night is something that you and your significant other will always cherish.

At home dinner can be just as fancy as a restaurant, it just requires a bit of effort and care. This romantic dinner at home checklist provides you with everything you need to make date night special, now it’s time to put into action!