Everything You Need for a Fun Family Movie Night

Family Sitting on a couch enjoying a movie

Even in the summer, sometimes we need a cozy night inside. Watching a movie as a family can be just as exciting as going to the theater, if not more so. You get the perks of cozy seating, breaks for snacks, and no worries about missing a scene for the bathroom. Once you’ve agreed on a movie for everyone to enjoy, work together to turn your home into a magical movie theater with decadent concessions. Everyone can have a role: the decorators, the popcorn maker, and the ice cream bar connoisseurs! Follow this fun checklist to make your movie night into a family tradition.

Prepare your snacks ahead of time

  • Stove-pop, air-fry, or microwave your popcorn. There’s nothing like homemade popcorn, and watching the kernels pop on the stove is an activity in itself. If you have an air-fryer, you can also make your popcorn that way. And of course, there is always the microwave. Microwave popcorn is quick (it takes less than 3 minutes!), easy, and most importantly, delicious.
  • Everyone can have their own popcorn flavors. For something savory, mix in a dash of oil, some parmesan cheese, chili powder, lime zest, and salt. You can also have the classic buttered popcorn (better than the theater). Or mix in something sweet like candy or chocolate.
  • Put your popcorn in big bowls to make it extra exciting to eat!

Prepare a mix-movie ice cream bar

  • With short attention spans, kids (and even adults) need to pause the movie and stretch. One perk of watching at home is a half-time treat!
  • Before the movie starts, set out non-refrigerated ice cream toppings like sprinkles, chopped nuts, gummy bears, and mini cookies.
  • When you need a half-time stretch, get your ice cream from the freezer, heat up your hot fudge in the microwave, and build your sundaes!

Special seating

  • Going to the movies is about getting cozy and being transported to another world. So transform your living room into somewhere magical! Cover the floor with blankets and pillows so you and your family can lean back and melt into the movie.
  • Dim your lights, so it feels like the theater.
  • Write movie reviews!
  • After the movie, (if everyone’s awake), review the film as a family! For example, how many stars would you give the movie? What were the best and worst parts? Then, choose your movie for the next movie night!

Next time you have a family movie night, let us know! Be sure to tag us on social media and tell us what made your movie night special.