6 Things to Do Besides Watch the Game

Game Day can mean a lot of different things to different people. But whether you’re glued to the game or just there to munch/sip off the snacks table, we’ve got you covered! We’re sharing 6 ways to make your game-watching (or game-avoiding) experience 10x better! Let’s gamify your game day and try new games, snacks, and delicious cocktails! You came, you poured, you conquered.

1. Home-gate Worthy Cocktail Contest

Bring your ‘A’ game with this super easy cocktail contest! All you need are a couple of bottles of Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, disposable cups, and a table of fun mixers. We’re thinking stuff like fresh fruit, juices, flavored liquors, salt/sugar/sprinkles for the rims, or even candy to garnish! The greater the variety, the more fun and unique cocktails your game mates will come up with. Ready… set… start mixing!

2. A Couch Full of Judges

To some of us, football season means just one thing: the best TV commercials of the year! Whip up a whole bunch of two-sided YAY or NAY signs. That way, everyone watching can decide which 30-second spots deserve a big ‘ole thumbs up and which should just fade silently into oblivion.

3. Salty-Snack Potluck

Encourage your friends to bring their favorite salty snacks (soft pretzel bites, pork rinds, jalapeño poppers, etc.) and let them know that you’ll be providing the dipping sauce! Then, offer three or more dippable delicacies—we choose honey mustard, creamy ranch, and hot buffalo—for a flood of delicious flavors! And to make your snack time pop, open a bottle or two of Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvée—it’s the perfect sip to any salty bite.

4. Half-Time Karaoke

Bring out a microphone (real or pretend) and give everyone a chance to recreate their favorite half-time performances—or take a swing at the latest hits. Soon, you’ll have a full-blown sing-along on your hands! To complement the smooth melodies being served up, pour your fellow singers each a creamy glass of Barefoot Chardonnay White Wine

5. DIY Touchdown Ring Toss

All you need for this game is a wood board, some wooden dowels, spray paint, and some toss-able rings! Take turns tossing the rings, each player starting at opposite ends of the ‘field.’ You gain yards when you land two pegs that are next to each other. Each player is trying to make their way across the field to score the first (and only) touchdown. But beware—your opponent can ‘tackle’ your man by landing a ring on top of one of yours. If they manage to pull that off, your ring will need to start back at the beginning. Good luck!

6. DIY Paper Football

Remember these? Paper triangles? Two-handed goalposts? See if you and your buddies can make the same field goals the pros are making—just on a slightly smaller scale. You can even construct the goalposts by placing two bottles of wine next to each other! For this kind of activity, we’d recommend something crisp and bright, like Barefoot Pinot Grigio, so you can sip while you play. Bonus points if there’s a prize/trophy/ribbon for the best field goal!

Whether you’re playing, snacking, sipping, singing, or snoozing… experience the game in whatever way you’ll enjoy most. There are no wrong answers!