Easy Graduation Party Planning

Two graduates running in courtyard celebrating.

It’s that time again — graduation season! And while your graduate is busy imagining the next chapter of their life, it’s up to you to plan them a graduation celebration to remember. Here’s what to pick up for the ceremony and party. With a little planning, you can have everything you need in just one trip or online order.

What to wear to the Graduation Ceremony

It’s a tradition to decorate your graduate’s cap, traditionally called a mortarboard hat. Not only does a unique hat look great for pictures, but it also helps you find your grad in a sea of same-colored hats and gowns. Plus, when the whole class tosses their hats in the air, a decorated hat is much easier to get back! It’s a keepsake for life, so have some fun with it.

What you should bring to the Graduation Ceremony

And whether your student’s graduation ceremony is virtual or in person, you can’t show up to the ceremony empty-handed! Show your grad how proud you are with flowers, a card, or a handheld gift that they can easily carry. Portability is important because they’ll be walking around talking to lots of teachers and classmates after the ceremony.

Easy Party Foods and Clean Up

Are you already dreading the cleanup that comes with hosting? Go for single-serving options like snack packs of chips and cans of soda. While individual serving items cost a little more than buying in bulk, it’ll save you time — and dishes.

Speaking of dishes, don’t forget the disposable plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins. Easy cleanup leaves you with more time to celebrate!

And since everyone will be saving room for dessert, get custom, made-to-order cakes or cupcakes to remember forever. Add candles with their graduation year to complete the look.

Fun Graduation Decorations

It’s not every day that you get to celebrate a loved one’s graduation, so go all out with the decor and make it a party to remember.

Get creative with the table settings. Try making place cards that look like report cards (Chris: A+!) and sneak some pens and pencils into your floral centerpiece. Sure, we may all go to school on laptops and tablets now, but let’s be honest: tech devices just aren’t as cute as throwback school supplies.

When picking balloons and streamers to decorate the room, be sure to use your grad’s school colors. Add to the ambiance with a homemade banner. This is a special way for the whole family to show your grad how proud you all are. Have a decorating party and get siblings, cousins, and even pets to lend a hand (or paw). The more unique, the better!

Graduation is coming up sooner than you think. Plan ahead, make a list, and get everything you need at least a week before your party. That way, all you need to do on your grad’s special day is celebrate and spend time with them!