How To Make a Fall Floral Arrangement Using a Pumpkin

Pumpkin Floral arrangement centerpiece Using Roses From Stater Bros. Markets

Although it may not feel like fall, the season is here! It is time to enjoy some pumpkin spice and create something nice. The following fall arrangement will be the centerpiece of any gathering. Making a pumpkin flower arrangement may seem difficult, however, it is surprisingly simple and easy on your wallet. Using a fresh pumpkin as a vase is a beautiful way to incorporate your love for pumpkins into your home.

Fall in love with the following Pumpkin Floral Arrangement. Mix a variety of your favorite fall flowers and colors like, beautiful mums or your favorite colored roses. From larger pumpkins to smaller ones, there is endless possibilities and combinations.

Pumpkin Floral Arrangement with White and Orange Roses in a Pumpkin on a Table

What you’ll need:

  • Medium sized pumpkin
  • Regular sized mason jar
  • Flowers of choice
  • Greenery for filling
  • Carving tools
  • Floral clips or scissors for trimming stems

Picking your pumpkin:

  • Choose your pumpkin size of choice, with a flat bottom to prevent pumpkin from leaning.
  • Pick a firm pumpkin without damages or soft spots.
  • Choose the right sized mason jar that will fit perfectly inside your pumpkin
  • Pick up your floral choice and grab enough flowers to fill your pumpkin.

Time needed: 20 minutes.


  1. Start by cutting the stem off your pumpkin.

    Remember to make the hole big enough for the mason jar to fit inside.

  2. Scoop out the excess seeds and guts from the inside of your pumpkin.

    Tip: Save pumpkin seeds to make a crunchy snack. Season seeds and place them into sheet pan with olive oil. Bake seeds at 350°F (177ºC) for 12-15 minutes. They taste delicious and are the perfect snack.

  3. Fill the mason jar with water and place it in your pumpkin.

    Insert the mason jar filled with water inside of your pumpkin.

  4. Cut the flower stems one to two inches at an angle.

    The angle allows stems to receive better water intake because it provides a larger area for water uptake.

  5. Adjust the stems.

     Insert the longer flower stems in the middle of the pumpkin slightly pointing in different directions.

  6. Continue adding in flowers.

    Continue adding a variety of flowers around the pumpkin.

  7. Fill in empty spots.

    Using your greenery, fill in the empty spots until you achieve the desired look.

Although most flower purchases happen around the Holidays, there are many benefits of having fresh flowers in your home all year long. Having fresh flowers helps you feel more in touch with nature and can help elevate your mood.

Pick up all your fresh flowers and plants at your local Stater Bros. Markets. We hope your new arrangement brightens up your home.