In Search of Local Brands

Local Fare Forum

At Stater Bros. Markets we’re committed to having fresh local offerings in store. That’s why we’ve created the Local Fare forum to bring our customers the best local brands.

“Nurturing local families and communities — including local businesses — is at the heart of what we do,” says Dennis McIntyre, Executive Vice President & CMO. “This initiative provides companies in our communities a larger retail footprint while our customers gain access to an expanded variety of healthy, high-quality, and innovative products. It’s a win-win for local brands and our shoppers.”

Stater Bros. Markets is now working with RangeMe, an online product discovery and sourcing platform, to hold its first Local Fare forum.

The Local Fare forum aims to offer greater opportunities for local brands to connect with new customers and gain the attention of regional retailers – which can be challenging for smaller, local brands. It also speeds up what would normally be a lengthy process for bringing new products into stores.

By working with small and local suppliers, Stater Bros. Markets can provide a wider variety of products with the area’s best offerings. Items that are especially important to Stater Bros. shoppers, including organic, non-GMO, plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, and keto items will be a focus for the Local Fare forum.

Potential suppliers are welcome to reach out to Stater Bros. Markets through RangeMe.  Our team will review all product submissions from the platform. If the product meets our customer’s needs, they will get shelf space in as many stores as possible – free of charge. Store locations will be carefully considered to ensure that only the best assortment reaches each of our communities.

Finding better ways to serve our communities is part of who we are. The Local Fare forum is another way Stater Bros. Markets is working towards getting our customers the items they want.

We welcome potential vendors to apply here.