Moonlight Companies

Sponsored by Stater Bros. | Written by Jackson Dodd

Moonlight delivers the freshest fruit to Stater Bros. daily.

Russ Tavlan is a man that cares about his employees.

The founder of Moonlight Companies, a California farming company based in Reedley and a supplier of fruit to Stater Bros. Markets, is grateful to those that have helped him along the way. “Our associates at Moonlight are determined,” Tavlan says. “They’re intuitive, hard-working, and I’m forever indebted to all the people that helped me chase my dream day in and day out.”

Tavlan is committed to growing, packing, and delivering the freshest, sweetest, juiciest fruits at Moonlight. The company grows peaches, plums, nectarines, pomegranates, pluots, table grapes, lemons, Cuties® and oranges alongside the Kings River. 

Moonlight employs the latest farming technology which helps to streamline operations and deliver the freshest fruits. “It’s enhanced our decision making process,” Tavlan says. “It’s reduced our carbon footprint; made us more sustainable and allows us to deliver the greatest value to Stater Bros.”

“We harvest our fruit each day and deliver that night fresh from our local farm.”

Russ Tavlan, Founder

Tavlan explains that the company harvests fruit early in the morning and packs the fruit in the afternoon. It is then transported to Stater Bros. overnight. “When you purchase our fruit, it could be within 24-hours of it coming right off the tree,” he adds.

“Stater Bros. gave me a chance when I hadn’t earned it at that point in my career, and because of that, we remain loyal to Stater Bros.”