Stater Bros. Markets Named A Top Regional Grocer by Progressive Grocer

Grand opening of Stater Bros. Market store at Chino Preserve

At Stater Bros. Markets, we’re not just about groceries – we’re about building vibrant communities around fresh, delicious food. That’s why we’re thrilled to be recognized as one of the top regional grocers by Progressive Grocer, a leading industry publication! 

"Shoppers on a quest for delicious food experiences and convenience will delight in the one-stop multicultural food experience that Stater Bros. recently opened in Chino, Calif." - Progressive Grocer

Progressive Grocer has highlighted our commitment to providing the best experience for our communities and our customers. They’ve named our new store at the Chino Preserve as an example of our amazing work, “the 46,109-square-foot store, which has the words “fresh,” “local” and “healthy foods” emblazoned on its main sign in the front of the store, is the latest location for the 87-year-old California grocer, which now operates 170 locations in that state.”

“Residents in the community will now have fresh and healthy high-quality food, outstanding customer service, and an unparalleled shopping experience available to them just a short and convenient trip away." - Stater Bros. CEO and Chairman Pete Van Helden at the time of the store’s opening.

Service deli station at Stater Bros. Markets' new store at Chino Preserve

But our Chino Preserve store isn’t our only new face. We opened another stunning store in Ontario back in December of 2023, and we’re constantly giving our older stores a refreshing makeover. Fresh-cut produce stations, full-service bakeries, sushi counters—we’re bringing all the goodies to our neighborhoods. 

Progressive Grocer noted on other various upgrades we’ve made to continue to improve and enhance our shoppers’ experience. Think updated layouts to optimize our customers’ convenience and accessibility, new clean flooring to create an inviting atmosphere, remodeled bathrooms for our customers, and refurbished check stands to help make the checkout process more efficient.

So cheers to putting smiles on faces, celebrating our communities, and serving up the freshest, tastiest goodness. We’re Stater Bros., and we’re proud to be one of your top regional grocers!