Stater Bros. Markets to Protect and Preserve our Environment

Stater Bros. Markets continues to be a champion of environmental protection through our sustainable business practices supporting energy reduction, carbon footprint reduction, water reduction and our ongoing recycling efforts.  The Company remains committed to protecting the environment today, and for many generations to come.

  • Stater Bros. Markets received the Best Emissions Rate Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership. Stater Bros. is the only Southern California grocer to have eight stores certified at the Gold Level for lowest emissions rate.
  • Stater Bros. is replacing or retrofitting current in-store refrigerated cases with closed-door cases (LED) lighting reducing energy usage by 60%
  • LED lights, occupancy sensors and over 600 skylights can be found in the Company’s 2.1 million sq. ft. Distribution Center, reducing energy consumption by 2.2M kWh per year
  • Through our energy reduction efforts, Stater Bros. has reduced our greenhouse output by over 27,000 metric tons!  That’s the equivalent to the annual electricity usage of 4,800 California homes or the emissions of 6,000 passenger cars each year.
  • Stater Bros. uses low rolling resistance tires and re-treads on all tractors and tires in its fleet.  These tires improve fuel mileage which in turn reduces transportation related emissions. 
  • The Company has reduced its water usage by 100 million gallons per year by changing its cooling process in all stores and in its distribution center.
  • Stater Bros. has also transitioned to drip irrigation systems and a significant number of its stores are featuring drought-tolerant landscape.   
  • Though the Company’s Green Waste Composting Program 16,000 tons of organic waste has been diverted from landfills to a mulch conversion process. 
  • To further divert material from landfills, Stater Bros. recycles 38,000 tons of cardboard and 1,100 tons of plastic, annually.