Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving spread with turkey and sides.

November is here and we’re approaching the official season of giving thanks. And it’s almost time to sit down for a hearty Thanksgiving meal with family and friends. On Thanksgiving Day, you may be tempted to go back for seconds once you’ve had your post-meal nap. Even so, you may have plenty of leftovers. Your holiday feast is likely to leave you with a lot of food that has yet to be eaten or you’ll depart your loved one’s home with an armful of good food.

Storing Leftovers

There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers, although it’s best to consume most of it within 3-4 days. Be sure to store it in airtight, leakproof containers to preserve moisture, flavor, and freshness. Be sure to use Simply Done Storage solutions for any of your needs. A little planning will allow you to create entirely new meals. Yesterday’s turkey or veggie side can be enjoyed any time of the day; think breakfast sandwich or breakfast hash! Stale bread should not be wasted, as it can be transformed into croutons, toasts, or sweet and savory bread puddings. Leftover potatoes can become mashed potato cakes, potato soup, or shepherd’s pie.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas

Two people cooking soup together.


You can make almost any kind of soup using many of the savory leftovers. Include some of those vegetable sides and bits of turkey, then add some grains or beans into a broth-based soup. Turkey noodle soup, anyone? A soup is also a great way to use leftover butternut squash, kabocha, or sweet potatoes.

Hearty salad prepared with leftover turkey and sides.


Salads are always an option, so versatile that you can easily add Thanksgiving leftovers to them. Any remaining meat can be cut into strips and served on a bed of greens with whichever vegetables or grains you prefer. Adding a different dressing can give the meal a new taste that you may not have experienced days before.

Leftover thanksgiving bake made with crav'n brand crackers.

Loaded Leftover Thanksgiving Bake

Our Loaded Leftover Thanksgiving Bake is a wonderfully flavorful casserole choice, requiring all the ingredients you’re sure to have on hand following a traditional Thanksgiving celebration.  

Turkey sandwich made with thanksgiving leftovers.

Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders

Another go-to option is to assemble sandwiches from your leftovers. Mix and match cheeses for a variety of sandwich options. Try our favorite Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders for a fun holiday variation, using a package of Cleo & Leo Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, swiss cheese, along with a variety of leftover Thanksgiving fixings.

It’s rare, but there are times when we are left wondering what to do with uneaten desserts. You might have stale cookies, a pie that was left unfinished, or an abundance of leftover cake. Reinvent these desserts by turning them into something else! Alternatively, you can make a milkshake by blending whatever you have on hand with milk and ice cream.

Thanksgiving leftovers can become great again! They can be repurposed to become whole new meals with new flavor profiles, textures, and tastes. For further recipe inspiration take a look at our recipe page.