Valentine’s Day For Kids: 5 Kid-Friendly Activities

Stater Bros. Markets Happy Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a few ideas to make Valentine’s Day fun and special for your kids? Valentine’s can be a fun holiday for kids, filled with lots of chocolate and love from their parents. Here are 5 Kid-Friendly Activities to make your child’s holiday a fun Valentine’s.

1. Breakfast of Love

On the day of love, you can make your child a breakfast that they will remember. Try making heart-shaped pancakes and adding pink food coloring to the batter. Serve with other fun shaped foods like fruit, waffles and toast. This breakfast is sure to make their day an exciting one, full of love.

2. Custom Decorations

There’s nothing a child loves more than working on arts and crafts with their parents. Valentine’s Day crafts are the best way to decorate the house. You can make paper hearts, cupids, and red roses.

3. Baked with Love

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day are the treats. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day dessert recipes to try with your kids. You can make a chocolate cake with ice cream, Mini New York Cheesecakes with heart-shaped strawberries, cupid cookies, or red velvet brownies. Baking with the kids is always a fun time to share.

4. Cards Galore

Valentine’s Day cards mean everything on this holiday, so be sure to give your children a card to let them know how much you love them. Also, make sure they have enough cards for their class when they go to school!

5. Movie-Night

Watching a movie with your kids is the perfect way to spend quality family time together. There’s no better way to end Valentine’s Day than cuddling with your children, so grab the chocolates, popcorn, blankets, and your kids’ favorite movie.

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