5 Back to School Kids Lunch Ideas

Mom Preparing School Lunch For Children

Back to school is right around the corner and one of the many things that come with your kid returning to school is preparing school lunches for them every day. Whether you want new creative lunch options or just some healthy meals your kid will enjoy, it’s important for parents to have easy and efficient lunch options on hand. Keep reading for five innovative school lunch ideas that are fun, nutritious, and kid-approved.

Bento Box Lunch Box

If you haven’t invested in a school lunch bento box, you’ll want to buy one! Not only are bento boxes suitable for packing and storing lunches, but they also provide lots of flexibility when preparing lunch. The different-sized slots in a bento box offer plenty of room for a well-balanced, varied snack combo. They are perfect for packing various healthy snacks into one package, such as cheese cubes, fruits and veggies, trail mix, and more.

Mini muffins

Mini muffins are an adorable touch to any lunch. Whether you purchase them store-bought or make them yourself, you can pack mini muffins of any flavor. To make this recipe easy, use pancake mix! Simply make the pancake mix as directed, then pour the mix into muffin tins. Add in yummy toppings such as blueberry, strawberries, or chocolate chips, and then bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the muffins are golden brown.

Mason Jar salad

Put a twist on a regular salad with mason jar salads! Especially for high schoolers, this is sure to be a hit. Not only is it fun to look at, but it’s also convenient to eat. Clear mason jars are incredibly aesthetic, and you will be able to see the colorful veggies inside. For a classic caesar salad recipe, put caesar dressing at the bottom of the jar, add diced chicken breast next, then lettuce, croutons, and cheese to top it off.

Ham and Cheese Pinwheel Rollups

Spruce up your wrap game with pinwheel rollups. First, spread cream cheese on the top of a tortilla. Then, lay ham or turkey, cucumbers or lettuce, and cheese on top. Roll the wrap until it looks like a burrito. Finally, cut into 1-2 inch wide pieces and serve as individual pinwheels.

Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

No matter if your kid loves a classic PB&J or a turkey sandwich, there’s still a simple way to up your sandwich game. All you need is a cookie-cutter in their favorite shape, such as a star, and you’re good to go. If you have no cookie cutters, you can also cut the sandwich into mini sandwich bites. Both options are excellent ways to eliminate the crusts on the bread for picky eaters.

If you use these ideas for your kid’s next lunch, let us know and tag us on social media. We’d love to see what delicious lunches you come up with!