Common Human Foods That Are Surprisingly Bad For Your Cat

Cat owners know that their pet friends can be very selective with what they choose to eat. Sometimes knowing this can give you a false sense of security as a cat owner. You might think that cats probably know what is best for themselves to eat. But just because they might be picky eaters, does not mean they will make good decisions!

What You Should Know

Whether you’re thinking about it, or already are a cat owner, you’ll want to know the foods that are dangerous for cats to eat. There are surprisingly a lot of human foods that can make a cat very sick. Symptoms of eating these foods can range, but it’s a good idea to call poison control if your cat has ingested any of the following foods.

If you are unsure about something your cat ate and feel they are experiencing symptoms, please call the Animal Poison Control Hotline Immediately: (888) 426-4435.

Garlic, Onions or Chives

Cats should never eat any form of these commonly used ingredients. Onion, Chives and Garlic whether it’s dried and powdered, or fresh and raw can be harmful to your cat. These three are in a family of plants called the Allium genus, these types of plants contain diuretic properties. While human consumption of these are great for digestion, in cats they can lead to anemia and can be potentially life threatening.

Cheese, Milk and Dairy Products

A common misconception is that cats need milk in their diet. Contrary to popular belief though, milk and dairy products are terrible for cat consumption. Most cats are lactose-intolerant, so consuming human dairy foods can lead to upset stomach and diarrhea.


This seems like an obvious one that is bad for your cat, but it’s worth mentioning. Cats should not drink alcohol in any of its forms! Beer, Liquor, Wine and anything that contains alcohol are definitely not good for cats. Just the same as human consumption, alcohol can affect the liver, brain and heart. Even the smallest amount in an average size cat, can cause a coma and other severely damaging symptoms.

Grapes and Raisins

This one is a little less obvious to many cat owners. You might think this food group is relatively pet friendly, but actually it’s quite dangerous for many pets. The components of the grape can actually cause vomiting and kidney failure in cats.

Caffeine and chocolate

Coffee, sodas, and anything with chocolate will have a restlessness effect if ingested by your cat. Caffeine poisoning can have a very quick onset. The symptoms of eating caffeine are muscle tremors, heart palpitations and quick breathing. If your cat has ingested even a small amount you’ll probably need to get them to a hospital quickly.

Raw Meat, Fat Trimmings, Bones and Eggs

Cats should not eat the fat or the eggs of any animal. Not only could the trace amounts of bacteria in meat cause fatal symptoms, they can irritate cat skin. Cats should not eat bones or fat trimmings because they have the potential to become a choking hazard and can ruin your cat’s digestion system. If you have noticed your cat has any of the mentioned symptoms, you’ll want to go to an animal hospital immediately. If you’re not sure about a substance that your cat has eaten, call the poison control hotline immediately to find out: (888) 426-4435.