We’re Expanding Our Local Selection

Stater Bros. Markets is local to the core, we’ve started here in California and we’ll always be here. Nurturing families and communities is what we do and the way we do it is by providing fresh, healthy, and locally-sourced foods. That’s why we’re making a local commitment to you and expanding our local selection in store.

A few months ago we launched our Local Fare Forum; opening opportunities for many local California brands to partner with us. Offering more California-sourced foods helps us ensure freshness, reduce our carbon footprint, and expand our selection of unique offerings. We aim to offer healthier options for you that are plant-based, gluten-free, keto, non-GMO, and organic.

Local Brands To Look For

In your local store, you may have already seen some of our new products. Here’s a list of them to be on the lookout for the next time you’re shopping.


Truff, a Huntington Beach-based sauce company, first launched in 2018 with their revolutionary truffle infused hot sauce. Using real truffle oil, Truff offers a gluten-free, organic, and preservative-free selection of high quality condiments and sauces. The truffle oil provides a unique gourmet and earthy aroma to their products giving them irresistible flavor. Be on the lookout for their Truffle Hot Sauce, Spicy Mayonnaise, Black Truffle Olive Oil, and Black Truffle Mayonnaise.

Malibu Mylk

Just as the name suggests, Malibu Mylk is from Malibu, California. Malibu Mylk is a plant-based milk made without nuts, soy, and gluten. Because it’s made from flaxseeds, their milk is allergen-free, has a fantastic texture, and is loaded with fiber, omega-3s, and protein! Find their “Mylk” in our dairy aisle, both in slightly sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

AYO Yogurt

AYO is a family-owned business that started as an Almond Farm in Silicon Valley, CA back in 1913. They make a dairy-free alternative to traditional yogurt that is not only delicious, but healthier for you as well. Each yogurt cup is made with 20 real almonds with 4 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber. All 4 of their great flavors like strawberry, vanilla, blueberry and peach will be in the dairy aisle.

Naked Infusions

A Southern California native, Naked Infusions believes that “next-level flavors and healthy eating should go hand in hand.” Naked prides themselves on using all-natural ingredients with no fillers. They offer salsa, pasta sauce and hot sauce with out of this world taste. Being plant-based and using only fresh and organic ingredients, it’s a great alternative to traditional sauces. Look for three of their most popular pasta sauces; Wild Mushroom, Calabrian Style, and Marinara.


SANA is from sunny Malibu, CA, where they aim to “make plant-focused food more accessible”. They’ve crafted tortillas and tortilla chips out of coconut flour; their products are vegan and free of gluten, grains, sugar and dairy. SANA tortilla chips have a variety of flavors; Original, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea-Salt & Vinegar, and Splash of Lime.

We’re constantly looking to bring in more locally-sourced products. Local brands can still participate by contacting us here.

Let us know if you find any of these local brand products in your local Stater Bros. by tagging us in a post on social media!

Please note, not all products are available in all stores.