How to Shop for Father’s Day at Stater Bros. Markets

Father and son

This Father’s Day surprise dad with something special. At Stater Bros. Markets we can help you plan something memorable. Here are 3 gift options that are perfect for creating something personal!

Dad’s Grilling Favorites

Take over dad’s grill this Father’s Day by preparing him his favorite steak. If you’re unsure what type of meat to grab visit our full-service meat counter where our experienced meat cutters can assist you with cutting, preparing, seasoning, grinding and marinating dad’s choice! The following are our top two steak recommendations. Our first choice is filet mignon, best known for being low in fat, tender and juicy. Try wrapping it with bacon and cooking it in a greased pan. Our second recommendation, top sirloin steak, is known for being the most tender option of round cuts and is perfect on the grill. This cut tastes great when marinated with your favorite rubs or sauces. Grilling for or with dad is a great way to make Father’s Day special.

Dad’s Favorite Drinks

Next, don’t forget that the perfect complement to a delicious meal is a good drink. From wine, champagne, whiskey, tequila, beer or non-alcoholic options and so much more, you are sure to find something dad will love. Stop by our wine section where we have a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to buttery to rich. Click here to see our top 5 wine recommendations. Or if your dad is more of a beer guy, we carry a great selection of craft and import beers as well as hard seltzers. For bold options, get dad his favorite whiskey or tequila! Our top whiskey pick for dad is Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, bottled at 94-proof with notes of caramel, spice, fruit and a sweet aroma. Above all, it’s a premium option that’s perfect for dad!

Gifts for Picky Dads

We know that sometimes dads can be tough to shop for. One way to give dad an easy, but thoughtful gift is to build him a customized gift basket filled with his favorite things. Grab a few of his favorite sweet or salty snacks, a gift card or two to his favorite places (like Stater Bros. Markets, right?) and anything else that he loves. To make this gift extra special you can also rent a movie from RedBox and plan movie night to spend quality time with dad. Because above all, dad probably just wants more time to spend with his favorite people, his family!