Here’s What To Do With Your Leftover Pumpkin After Halloween

Pumpkin Growing In A Garden

Many people are left with unwanted jack-o’-lanterns after Halloween with no clue about what to do with them. Unpainted pumpkins have many benefits for animals and your plants. Instead of letting them go bad and throwing them away, try these alternatives with the pumpkins at your home.

Turn It Into a Floral Arrangement

The centerpiece to any of your fall gatherings! Follow this simple guide to transform your old pumpkins into a fall floral arrangement. You can then use it for Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving decor for your dinner table.

Add Pumpkin To Your Compost Bin

Pumpkin is mostly made up of water, which makes it a great fertilizer for your compost bin. Make sure you clean out the seeds in your pumpkin first to prevent growing pumpkins in your bin. To speed up the decomposing process break down the pumpkin beforehand.

Grow Your Own Pumpkins For Next Year

Don’t know what to do with the seeds you cleaned out? Give them a quick wash and plant them in your garden. This way the next time Halloween comes around, you’re already prepared with your own pumpkins.

Donate Them To A Local Farm

Whether it’s donkeys, squirrels, foxes, or birds, pumpkins make a delicious and healthy treat for all wildlife. Find a local farm to donate your pumpkins to be animal feed.

Roast The Seeds

Don’t waste the seeds after cleaning out your pumpkin! Wash and roast them to enjoy a quick snack or as a nutritious topping for a meal. Pumpkin seeds go great with yogurt, granola, salads, or really any food. They contain magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, protein, and fiber.

Turn it Into a Delicious Pumpkin Recipe

If a pumpkin is unpainted, uncarved, and clean, it’s free to eat by turning it into a delicious recipe. Here are some fall flavor recipe ideas we have that will make great use of your leftover pumpkin.

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