Stater Bros. Markets Careers

Q. How do I apply to work at Stater Bros. Markets?

A. You can search current openings on our company website at When you find a position that best suits your skills and interest, Click “apply now” or “start your application” to submit your employment application.

Q. Can I apply for a position in-store?

A. No, all applications are submitted through the applicant portal. talentReef Applicant Portal (

Q. Can I follow up on my job application?

A. We will contact you directly if you meet all the qualifications and are determined to be the most qualified for the position.

Q. What careers does Stater Bros. Markets offer?

A. We offer a range of career opportunities in our retail stores throughout Southern California and we are continually expanding the wide range of opportunities at our corporate office and Distribution Center in San Bernardino.

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