Account Information


Q. How do I change my Account Settings?

A. Select my profile from the top left of the screen and make any changes necessary.

Q. How do I log in once my account is created?

A. Follow the instructions from the link, enter your email and password.

Q. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

A. Contact Customer Care –

Q. I created a new account, but I still haven’t received the confirmation email, and it’s been several hours.

A. Contact Customer Care –

Q. I received the confirmation email, but I can’t click the link to confirm my account. What can I do?

A. Contact Customer Care –

Q. How do I delete my account?

A. In the my profile section, select delete my account.

Communication Preferences

Q. Can I choose to only receive a specific type of email?

A. Yes, you can make your selections under the subscription settings section of the website.

Q. How can I stop receiving emails?

A. Uncheck the box(es) under the subscription settings or click the opt out link on the email.

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